What is the Worse Fate Line look like?

1. Fate line that indicates you will be poor

The line cutting the fate line represents difficulties. It represents that you will face many hindrances during the process of creating a business. If you have an island in your fate line, you will face some difficulties. It is possible that there are many hindrances in your work life. You may be poor in some periods of time.

2. Fate line that represents you are not responsible.

If you do not have a fate line, it means you do not want to become not natural because of the responsibilities. You do not want to become frustrated because of these responsibilities. The owner of this kind of fate line may think that there is a must to become stable. These kinds of people may not like restrictions and decline to accept the social value.

3. Fate line that has no direction

When the fate line is vague or the structure of it is not good, it reveals that the life of the owner is not stable and lack of direction. This kind of person will be restricted by the environment. He or she cannot be the host of its own fate. However, if they can reflect on their own and correct their defects, their weak fate line will become strong gradually.

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