What is the Best Fate Line look like?

The lifeline represents the quality of your life. The headline represents your mind. The heartline shows your emotional world. It is only the fate line that is keenly related to your working situation and how you face the situation of the surrounding. The vertical line running in your palm, the fate line, have made a connection with the lines that shows your life and character. It shows your character and how you make a grasp of the key factors of life and personal opportunity.

The form of the best fate line is, starting from the wrist, going through the palm, and reaching the bottom of the finger. It is like the spire of a tent that keenly supports the structure of the tent. Using the figurative method of the spire of the tent is really providing the clue for the traits that represent that line.

The fate line is clearly showing the ability to take the responsibility of the person and the method of practicing the responsibility.

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