Who can Take Many Kinds of Works according to Palmistry?

The fate line, like other acquired lines, will show various kinds of differences. Some people will have the fate line that appears from the corner of the hands. Some will have their fate line appearing on the upper half of the palm. Some will have their fate line developing from other lines. Some will have no fate line. However, some people will have two fate lines or more than two fate lines.

At the beginning of the fate line, some people may have several, short lines that are parallel with the fate line. He or she has many hobbies. He or she will have several vocations or manage many careers. Some having two clear and parallel lines can do two different jobs at the same time. In addition to the bright ability and good luck, he or she will develop another job, apart from the main job. If one has two parallel fate line starting from the moon mount, he or she may have a close partner in his or her career or love life.

In addition, if one has two neat and clear sun line, he or she can develop two kinds of careers successfully. If one has two headlines or his or her headline has branches, he or she may possess two kinds of specialties, he or she can take different kinds of work and can get a good result.

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