What is the Worse Heart Line look like?

Do you have the worse heart line?

1. Heartline with sensual supremacy

If the heart line stops under the middle finger and the length of it is too short, this kind of person is interested in sex. He or she pays much attention to the physical relationship and search for the stimulus of the sense organ. Therefore, he or she will usually disloyal to the lovers. He or she loves speedy love and will not remember the relationships with his or her lover.

2. Heartline that indicates the love perfectionism

If the heart line stops under the base of the index finger, it represents that the owner search for love perfectionism. His or her standard for selecting the lovers is very high. However, once he or she loves someone, they will be involved in relationships.

3. Heartline that changes friendships into the love relationships

Compared with the innate emotional curved heart line, the owner who has the straight heart line is serious with the love relationships. He or she will take deep considerations before starting a new love relationship. They mostly can grasp the rhythm of love affairs. They love changing friendships into love relationships. However, the shortcoming is lacking passion.

4. Workaholic’s heartline

This kind of palm line is like the simian line, the difference is the presence of the headline. The heart line extends to the side of the thumb. If you have this kind of palm pattern, you are the workaholic. You usually give the priority to the work, rather than love affairs. Therefore, you will be indifferent to the lovers.

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