How can We check our Health Condition with the Lifeline?

We can check our health condition with our lifeline.

The lifeline represents the health condition and the longevity of the owner.

One who has a longer lifeline is usually healthy. He or she will have longevity.

One who has a shorter lifeline is always searching for stability and has small steps in life although they are more upright.

One who has the winding lifeline will have an unstable lifestyle and always change their residence.

One who has the branching lifeline does probably have two families at the same time.

One whose lifeline branching to the Jupiter mount will have vigorous life energy. They are easy to be successful. However, they are self-willed.

One whose lifeline branching to the Mars plain will have worse life in the juvenile period. However, if they stay patient, their luck will turn good in middle age.

One whose lifeline branching to the Sun mount will have good fortune. They will be successful in the art field.

One whose lifeline branching to the Mercury mount will be successful in their career.

One whose lifeline has many fine lines is cautious and comparatively neurotic.

One who has a cross pattern at the end of the lifeline will leave their hometown and go to other countries. Moreover, their luck in middle life is bad.

One who has the S pattern branches will always consume a larger amount of energy. He or she is easy to get old.

One whose lifeline has a gap in the mid-way is easy to get a serious illness.

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