Will Life be longer if having Double Lifelines?

Double lifelines do express our vitality.

Some will have two lifelines. It is called “double lifelines”. However, it does not represent that some who have this kind of lifeline will not get the illness and enjoy the long life.

Actually, some with this kind of lifeline does represent that their quality of the body is better than other people. His or her resistible power is stronger.

Lifeline is the first line forming earliest in the maternal fetus. Even though people who have double lifelines is weak in the vitality power since being born, he or she will slowly get well under the help of the double lifelines. The health condition will get better slowly.

In addition, it implies that people who have double lifelines will have two mothers. Namely, apart from the mother who has blood relations with the owner, he or she will have a foster mother or the female that cares about the growth of the owner.

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