Tangled Lines represent the Abnormal Life

We know that whatever the lines are if they are clear and deep, they must represent luck or rising luck.

On the other hand, if the lines are tangled or they extend from various directions, it represents a bad omen, confusion. Palmistry is honest. In modern society, people always play too hard, work too hard, or continue to accumulate pressure. Therefore, people with the lines like the above example show up everywhere. You can also show your palm and look at it.

This kind of palm pattern does especially show up in the palm of people who love nightlife.

  1. The heart line that is apparently tangled

If the heart line which is an important line is looked so disordered, it is really not a good phenomenon. At this moment, apart from paying attention to the problem of the heart, you should be alert to high blood pressure, stenosis, etc. Apart from that, if the heart line is interrupted or like a wave line, its meaning is like the tangled line. You should pay attention to the above diseases.

2. Tangled via lascivia

Subtly releasing the pressure is the first step that modern people keep their health. The tangled via lascivia does not only mean the apparent lines in the above picture, even though it is only one or two lines and it looked like not apparent, it is also called “via lascivia”.

People who have this kind of palm pattern should recover the regular eating habit and a normal amount of sleep.

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