What does a Writer’s Fork mean?

Fork at the headline does indicate that you have creative power.

The fork in the headline under the area under the ring finger is called “writer’s fork”.

This kind of fork normally is one line divided into two lines from the headline. It is not a line cutting from fate line into the headline. Therefore, we should distinguish them carefully.

Although not every writer has the “writer’s fork”, one who has this kind of palm line has very high creative power. He or she is suitable to be involved in the literary world.

If this branch appears at the end of the headline, it represents that the owner has a strong business mind. If he or she get involved in the business world, they can get a very good result.

However, the end of the headline should not be too saggy. Otherwise, it will influence the original talent in the fortune. He or she will get a bad result in human relationships and opportunities.

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