Who is suitable for studying Science and Engineering according to the Headline?

Straight headline indicates that you are suitable for studying science subject.
It is the headline that extends to the upper part of the moon mount.

The characteristic of the headline showing who is suitable for studying science and engineering is that the starting point of the headline slightly joins the lifeline. It extends towards the Mars positive or the upper part of the moon mount.

People with this kind of palm line are suitable for involving in research and product development in the fields of chemistry, computing, machinery, medicine, etc. It is because this kind of people does usually have a stronger ability in logic thinking. He or she is good at understanding the numbers and the conceptual event and thing.

However, if one with this kind of headline does not want to get involved in the work that is related to science and engineering and he or she is interested in literature or music, it is also ok. He or she has the unique analytical ability himself or herself. In addition to the high sense of order and organization, he or she will get success in the field of art. In fact, many famous artists have this kind of headline.

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