What does a Different Pattern of Headlines in Both Hands mean?

If you want to grow your wisdom, you should work hard.

If the headlines in both hands are different, it represents that the psychology and the wisdom continuously develop.

If the headline in the active hand (Mostly used hand) is longer, it represents that the wisdom of the owner has developed rapidly in comparison with the previous time.

Otherwise, it represents that the owner has not unleashed the real strength. We should continue to dig out it.

If the headline in the passive hand (Less used hand) is straight and the headline in the active hand is curved, it represents that although the owner lacks insight in his youth, it will make up in the latter days.

If the child has a straight headline, we should explore the scope of his or her interests to diversify the choice of career in the future.

Otherwise, it implies that his or her inborn creative thinking power will have the opportunity to bring into play in the future.

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