What Kind of Health Message does the Texture of the Nail tell us?

Texture of the nail can tell us about our health conditon.

Chinese medicine states that if there are the variations, such as horizontal lines, vertical lines, or spots on the nail, it is related to the pathological changes of the body. Let us make the analysis in the following paragraphs:

1. Vertical lines

If the surface of the nail is not smooth and there are vertical lines, it is mainly caused by the lack of sleep and overwork. If the vertical line exists continuously, it may be the chronic lesions in the body. If the owner does not nurse back to health, the nail will become ups and downs along with the development of the disease until the nail splits.

2. Horizontal lines

The horizontal lines on the nail are the records for the past pathological changes. When there are horizontal lines on the nail, it states that the body already has the pathological changes. Generally, the horizontal lines will appear in the lowest part of the nail in the beginning. Along with the growth of the nail, the horizontal lines will push up. It indicates that the time of onset becomes nearer and nearer.

3. Spots

If there are white spots in the nail, it may be the outcome of the lack of calcium or the parasitic disease. If the number of white spot has increased, it may be a sign of neurasthenia.

If there are yellow spots on the nail, the owner may suffer from the disease of the digestive system.

If there are black spots on the nail, you should be aware. For the less serious illness, it may be malnutrition. For the serious illness, it may be the omen of gastroptosis, stomach cancer, and uterine cancer.

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