Can the Half-Moon of the Nail predict the Disease?

A half-moon of the nail can predict the disease.

The mark of a half-moon is the milky region, which is in the shape of a half-moon, in the base of the nail. It is also called “half-moon” or “small sun”.

The external characteristics of the mark of half-moon come from hereditary. It tells us the omen of the family disease. On the other hand, it reflects the health condition of the human being. It gives the prediction of the kind of disease that will happen in the body.

Generally, there should have a mark of a half-moon on the nail in every finger, apart from the little finger. For the thumb, the half-moon marks should occupy one-quarter to one-fifth of the area of the nail. For the index, middle, and ring finger, it should not occupy more than one-fifth of the area of the nail.

For the public, the marks of the half-moon often appear on the thumb and the index finger.

If there is no half-moon on every finger or only one half-moon mark on the thumb, it tells us that there is tremendous chillness in the body. The circulation function of the body is bad. The blood and qi are insufficient.

If the half-moon on the nail is too big, it should be aware of the cerebral hemorrhage or the disease of the thyroid gland.

If the half-moon marks are on every finger, it states the good function of the heart. The sexual desire is strong.

If only the nail of the thumb has the mark of a half-moon, the constitution of the owner is very bad although he or she looks healthy.

If the shape of the mark of the half-moon is not good, he or she may have heart disease.

If the mark of the half-moon has a mixture of blue patterns, he or she may have the disease of the respiratory system. He or she has a problem with the cardiovascular system.

If there are half-moon marks on nearly every finger, but they disappear recently, it states that the body is extremely tired.

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