What does the Villain Line indicate?

People with the villain line will find the unlucky situation.

It is located at the junction between the palm and the index finger. The villain line is the upward line starting from the horizontal line in the knuckles that is located at the third phalange of the index finger.

People who have the villain line are mostly conceited. They love to be unconventional. Therefore, others are jealous of them. The owner will often find the unlucky situation. They will often be attached to others.

The long and deep villain line represents bad luck. If it is short and shallow, it will not cause bad luck for the owner.

If the number of the villain line is more than four, the owner will be surrounded by the villain. They will easily be talked to by others. Or the villain will often design some trap for them. The owner should be aware of it.

If the number of the villain line is more than five, the owner is mostly bothered by the lawsuit. They may be in prison. They should be aware of it in advance.

If there is a short and titled line crossing the villain line, it tells that the owner recently meets the villain. However, the situation turns better.

On the other hand, when we are judging the villain line, if just one hand has the villain line, it does not represent that the owner really offends the villain. When two hands have the villain line, it represents that the owner really offends the villain.

The birth of the villain line has a keen relationship with the personal personality and the attitude of handling the material world. If we can try hard to communicate when having conflicts with others and often judge our behavior, it is seldom for us to offend the villain. The villain line will gradually disappear.

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