How is the Character of the People with the Simian Line?

Whether the simian line is a good line or bad line?

In conclusion, the people with the simian line have the following character:

While having the upright character, the owner almost shows stupid and straightforward. They have a strong idea of right and wrong. If they discover the unreasonable matter, they will uncover it. They are not good at getting along with others and have deep hatred. They will revenge for the hatred.

They put great emphasis on love affairs. They will make effort to please their lovers. However, if they do not love their partners whom they loved beforehand, they will make revenge as the hatred has formed.

Their working ability is strong and can continuously overcome difficulties. They love working alone. The owners like to do the work by themselves. They do not to be controlled by others. Their sense of responsibility is very strong. For the issue they have forwarded to others, they will miss it.

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