What does the Bracelet Line indicate?

The bracelet line can indicate the state of your health.

The bracelet line is located at the bottom of the palm. It is a line that surrounds the wrist and the ventral surface of the palm. It is also the horizontal line that differentiates the palm from the wrist. It will be better for the bracelet line being deep and continuous.

According to the bracelet line, we can judge one’s health condition. If the bracelet line is clear and continuous, they will generally be vigorous. Their constitution is strong. If the bracelet line is interrupted, like waves, and the island sign, their physical strength is very bad. Although they will not have serious illness, they will have the ailment continuously. Their endocrine system is more prone to disorders. For the male, their reproductive system will become bad. For the female, they will have gynecological issues. They can have the sexual coldness.

If the muscle tissue near the bracelet line is thick, elastic, and has a fine texture, their nervous system is good. Their intellectual ability is high. They are well-organized and know how to work. Their people skill is good. Their sexual drive is more vigorous.

If the skin near the bracelet line is rough, the muscle is loose, or the blue vein is protruded, the physical strength of the owner is bad. They will have fertility problems.

If one has three straight and complete bracelet lines, it is the line of happiness, longevity, and wealth. It represents that the owner should have a strong constitution. They have good DNA.

If there are four bracelet lines, it will turn to be good because of that bracelet line, even though there is a bad omen beforehand.

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