How can You check the Situation of Your Mother through Palmistry?

Life is the line that shows the constitution of the individual and the strength of the workforce. From that, we can also check the related situation of our mother.

If the lifeline is clear and has no clutter, it does not only mean that the health of the owners themselves is good and has a strong life force, it also means that the health of their mother is also good. The luck of their mother is also good.

It is because the lifeline is formed during the pregnancy of their mothers. If the lifeline is clear, it means that their mothers have got adequate nutrition. Their mothers have provided the nearly perfect environment for fetus. Therefore, the owner gets the best growing situation of the lifeline.

If the lifeline is chain-like, staggered, or interrupted, it represents that the health condition of the mother of the owner is very bad during the period of pregnancy. It has affected the constitution of the lifeline of the child. For this kind of people, it can be a bad health situation for his mother. Or he may cause a bad effect on his mother.

If the lifeline is short and messy, or there is an island at the starting point, the mother of the owner may be a concubine in the ancient world.

If the owner has two lifelines, he or she may be looked after by the babysitter or the grandmother, apart from his or her mother in childhood.

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