Is Someone with a Clear Lifeline very healthy?

Quay runners in Hamburg port

Whether the lifeline is clear or not should refer to other main lines. The lifeline records the health condition in the psychological and physical aspects.

It is the inborn mainline in the palm. Therefore, with it, we can judge the vitality, energy, and physical strength of the owner. From it, we can judge whether one is inborn with a healthy body or an unhealthy body. It can also show whether one is brave or not and one loves life or not. Therefore, the lifeline shows more about the quality of life, rather than the longevity of life.

If the lifeline is clear and deep, the constitution of the owner is stronger. They are more vigorous. They are good at sports. The character of this kind of people is strong. If they encounter difficulties, they can endure them. On the contrary, if the lifeline is not apparent, their vitality will be worse. They dislike physical activities.

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