Are the Palm Line of Human fixed and not changeable?

The palm line will produce subtle change according to the change of the environment. This point has been mentioned in the “Mayi Shen Xiang”.

Apart from the palm lines that represent the past are not easy to change, those palm lines representing the future, and the trouble will change. For example, when you escape from the disaster in a period of time, the palm line that represents the trouble in your palm will disappear.

Checking the change of palm lines, we can predict the owner will meet which kind of event in the future. Therefore, we should pay attention to the change of the palm line of ourselves. As such, we can make it clear which direction our life state should be adjusted, avoid the bad omen, and meet the good luck.

When you discover your palm lines have changed, you should be calm down and check which kind of special event has happened in the past. You can correspond to some events and analyze that event. You will get the understanding. For example, if your heart line has some changes recently, you should think about whether there are new love affairs recently. If you discover your fate line has changed, you should pay attention to the work and check whether it has some changes.

Sometimes, the changes of the palm line will not at the same speed as your event in the reality. You should make the reflection. It is because some events that you neglect may be silently happening.

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