Are the People with the Hard and Flexible Hand creative?

People with the hard and flexible hand has the thick phalange. Their fingertips are wide and round. Their thumb is very big.

People with this kind of handshape will have a life of good marriage. He or she will not have a dispute with other peoples in love affairs. He or she will love his or her partner forever. He will not have an ambiguous relationship between men and women. After marriage, he or she will have a harmonious family.

Whether this person is male or female, he and she will be more independent and has a hearty personality. He or she is open-minded. He or she handles the issue in a rational way and has strong self-confidence.

However, he is impatient. He will be angry with the people who give the response slowly. This type of people focuses on the practical aspects. He or she is suitable for many kinds of businesses. It is especially those jobs require vitality and originality.

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