What is the Relationship between the Size of the Hand and Destiny?

Size of the hand has the relationship with the destiny.

If the palm is larger, the owner will be careful. He or she will set a detailed plan and take action. People with this kind of palm are generally conservative. He or she is not materialistic. If the owner is female, she will be not sophisticated with handling human relationships.

If the palm is smaller, the owner does generally react quickly. When handling the event, he or she will dare to do anything. He or she just likes the newborn calf that does not fear the tiger. Although they have no plan when taking action, they will grasp the opportunity and get success.

If the palm is fat and thick, and the finger is short and rough, the owner is vigorous. He or she is a nice person. However, he or she is not good at thinking and will usually lose control of the emotion. It is easy to lead to high blood pressure and heart disease.

If the muscle of the palm is solid, strong, and flexible and the shape of the palm is bigger, the owner may have a square palm. He or she is usually vigorous. However, they are very stubborn. He or she does usually not pay attention to other’s suggestions.

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