Are People with Long Palms and Big Knuckles Stubborn Scholars?

Which kind of person is stubborn scholar?

If the palm is very big, the finger is small and long, the knuckles are very big, the fingertips show round, and the gaps between the fingers are very big, the owner will be very rational.

He or she will not indulge in the puzzle of love affairs. He or she will be careful, calm, and capable. However, in the questions of the love affairs, they belong to the groups of stubborn scholars. That will lead to the failed love affairs.

However, if they get successful love affairs and get married, they will the ideal wife and husband and a lucky marriage life.

This kind of person is full of vigorous curiosity. The most protruding characteristic is the extremely rational mind. They are good at analyzing and judgment. Their disadvantage is looking like a scholar too much. They are not practical. However, they will be successful in the field of education and scientific research, etc.

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