3 Signs in Your Palm that You are a Stingy Miser

How does the miser’s palm look like?

From the starting point of the heart line, the length, and the curved direction of the headline, we can judge whether one is a stingy miser.

Since he or she is a miser, it is natural that he or she has the wealth to have a defense. Namely, he or she has the wealth first. Then he or she spends money in a stingy way. Then, we can say that he or she is a miser. From the angle of the palmistry, the palm of this kind of person has some iconic symbols that can show up his or her character’s characteristics.

If the starting point of the heart line is near the bottom part of the little finger, the owner will be narrow-minded, stingy. They love to calculate. When they spend money, they will show stinginess.

If the headline is too long and runs across the palm, just like people with the simian line, the owner is stingy and greedy. They are the typical money worshiper. Even though they have a lot of money, they are extremely stingy.

If the end of the headline is rising and it is especially going to the Mars positive, the money concept is heavy. He or she will put much energy into the pursuit of money. Their mind only has the concept of money. This kind of person will give others the impression of “everyone counts on the money”. They are easy to be the miser in other’s minds.

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