What Kind of Information does the Nail indicate?

Since the shape and the color of the nail can predicate one’s health condition, it can also show his or her character.

1. Normal nail

It is the nail of normal people. Its length-to-width ratio is four to three. This kind of person has a bright personality. Its vitality is very vigorous. Their luck in every issue is quite good.

2. Big nail

The nail is covering the whole fingertip. We call that the big nail. This kind of nail is very long no matter whether it is on the vertical side or the horizontal side. However, the shape of the nail does not match their character. They show very quiet. Apart from that, they should pay attention to respiratory disease.

3. Long nail

The ratio of the length and width of it is longer than that of the normal nail. The owner is nice and serene. He or she tends to be idealistic. He or she fears strangers. They are not good leaders. They should pay attention to the respiratory disease and the disease in the head.

4. Short nail

This kind of nail is more or less the same in length and width. This kind of person is a fast-thinker. However, their disadvantage is getting to the bottom of things. They are impatient. They should pay attention to the disease of the circulatory organs.

5. Wide nail

The width of the nail is longer than the length of the nail. The owner is masculine. Although he or she is comparatively impatient, he or she has a chivalrous heart. They should pay attention to the disease of the circulatory organs.

The above types are the representative five types. If we detailly make categories, there will have many more different categories. The extreme and deformed types usually represent health problems or mental problems. They should pay more attention.

Different kinds of nails have different kinds of characters.

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