How can We learn One’s Character from the Stretching Style of the Hand?

Different stretching methods of the hand represent different styles of character.

“Hello! Please stretch your hand and let me check your hand.”

Under this situation, nearly all the people will naturally stretch their hands. Just observing the stretching style of the hand, we can have the overall checking of the character of the owner.

However, when we use this method to judge the character of the owner, the most important criteria is “The other party has to reach out subconsciously”. Once the other party feels that “the stretching style of the hand can show the character of this own”. Then he or she will certainly choose the style that is beneficial to him or her.

1. All Five Fingers Separate

The character of these people is straightforward and clear. He or she will be obsessed with anything. He or she belongs to the optimist. “Yeah, this is my palm. Please take a look.” Since he or she has this kind of tolerance power, we can more or less find out the tendency of the family of the self-confidence. What we should pay attention is this kind of people is too indifferent to everything. Moreover, they have undisciplined and not serious characteristics. In the pecuniary aspect, he or she will spend more than he or she earned.

2. The only thumb has separated

It belongs to the archetype of strong will-power. He or she has a strong faith. However, he or she is not stubborn. He or she gives other people the chic feeling. However, he or she does a lit bit like talking about the principle. He or she is easy to be involved in the tendency of nagging. For this point, they should control themselves more. Apart from that, if the thumb bends to the direction of the right angle, it represents that there is the tendency of romance. If the thumb leans to the index fingers, the owner belongs to the frugal and stingy people.

3. Little Finger separated

It belongs to the type of having no luck with money. Although this kind of person is not stupid, they do not have the ability to handle money. They will unconsciously spend the money that they save by taking great pains. Another issue that is worth the owner is worrying about is the issue of offspring. This type of person mostly has no child. Or they will usually be worried about their children.

4. Index Finger separated

This kind of person has a strong sense of independence. Therefore, he or she seemingly tends to be self-interested. They lack cooperativeness. They give other bad impressions. In terms of the work, if they cannot try hard to control themselves, they should work on their own.

5. Ring Finger and Middle Finger separate

This is an independent type. If the character is too strong, it is easy to be seen as a relentless and casual person. Apart from that, his or her relationships with the family are easy to be bad. It is best for him or her to pay attention to his or her behavior, to prevent a family dispute.

6. Five Fingers all close up

This is a stingy type. To explain from the bright side, we can say that he or she is frugal and like to save up money. He or she is extremely careful. However, if he or she is over extreme, he or she will be seen as indecisive and overly careful person.

Apart from that, if we close up five fingers when observing the palm pattern, the smaller line cannot show out. Therefore, it is best to let the five fingers lightly open.

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