What is the Meaning of the Headline that separates from the Lifeline?

People whose headline separates from lifeline has self-confidence.

If the starting point of the headline has some distance from the lifeline and goes ahead diagonally to the central part of the Venus mount, it just separates from the lifeline and forms three independent lines with the other two lines (lifeline and heartline). It means that the owner has gurgling rivers.

1. If the lifeline is more near the headline and forms three separate lines

If the headline is near the lifeline, it represents that the owner has self-confidence. He or she will be aggressive. It is because he or she is too self-confident, it makes the surrounding people unable to stand with them. It is the type of active party.

2. If the headline is just right at the center

It represents that the owner has a grumpy temperament. The intelligence of this kind of people is not too good. However, they have a sharp mind. Their mind runs fast. If it brings him or her disaster, it may be because he or she does act recklessly. It is made by the fact that he or she does not consider the outcome. Regarding this point, as the owner does things in a serious way, it is not easy for him or her to have a sense of it.

It is said in the front that the starting point of the headline departing from the lifeline represents that the owner belongs to the type of young leader. If we add the element of the straight line (the strong mental power), the owner will often act recklessly. If this kind of character go-ahead in a good direction, it will make up a successful people who break through many obstacles. However, if he or she makes one wrong step, he or she will inevitably become a depraved person.

This kind of palm pattern is not a bad omen. The main point is that the owner should have the tolerance of listening to other people. Moreover, before invigorating to make the action, they should consider the criteria of the timing, the venue, and the occasion.

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