Do you care about the Length of the Fate Line?

The length of the fate line does represent your level of satisfaction with your fate.

Starting from the root of the wrist, along the lifeline, and with a short distance of the lifeline, the line that extends upwards straightly is called the fate line. From the name of the fate line, we can understand that it is used to predicate the fate of the owner. Namely, we can get to know when something will happen at a certain period of time.

1. Short Fate Line

Please do not care about it too much. It totally represents that the fate of oneself is full of the unknown that the fate line cannot grasp. Is it right? If you think that “Not having the fate line represents you yourself is the one that does not have the fate and does not have the dream and hope in the future”. It will be your fatal injury.

In fact, everyone will have their own fate in this world. From birth to now, am I bestowed by fate?

However, not everyone has the fate line. Even though they may have a fate line, those fate lines that extend straightly upwards towards the root of the middle finger are seldom found. Some may ask why some do not have the fate line in case that they have the fate. Actually, the fate line has a keen relationship with the level of satisfaction. If you are satisfied with your fate and find that you work very hard, the fate line will naturally appear.

If you have a high social status and good reputation and you think that you are still not very successful and need to further make effort, the fate line cannot appear.

In total, the fate line represents one’s satisfaction.

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