Fate Lines with Different Starting Points have Different Meanings

Fate lines with different starting points have different meanings.

Although the fate line is starting from the wrist, there are different starting points when we check it carefully. Namely, the starting points of the fate line are related to the quality of the fate line.

1. Fate line extending upwards from the center of the wrist

The fate line that extends towards the middle finger is the independent type. They develop their fates with their effort. However, this kind of person tends towards arrogance.

2. Fate line entering the Venus mount

When the fate line is affected by the Venus mount, we can certainly expect the assistance of the relatives. Apart from that, it also represents that fate is starting from this point. For example, they may get the inheritance recently. At this moment, you should grasp this opportunity and let yourself become rich.

3. Fate line going upwards from the lifeline

Its other name is “Destiny Opening-up line”. It represents that in the year that the fate line touches the lifeline, the owner can open up the destiny.

4. Fate line starting from the Moon mount

The owner will succeed with the assistance of other people. The kind of people often has the character that is liked by the surrounding people. They belong to the good omen that develops fate by the accidental help of the other. For this kind of people, those good friends and good bosses are very important. And they will keep a grateful attitude for their friends and bosses.

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