What is the Meaning of the Thick and Thin Fate Line?

For any line, it is only that they are clear and long, and their position is correct, it will be called the good omen. (However, the health line is an exceptional case.) Fate is not except that. If the line is thick and long and there is no scar or island. It will be a good fate line.

1. Thick fate line

It represents that the owner has his or her faith and will insist on this faith. From this point, it may be correct to say that these people have an enriched life.

For man, it will make others feel that these people are substantially stubborn. However, his scale of life is also substantially big. For women, it is typically the working woman. As he or she has this kind of ability, he or she will not be decadent if meeting with a certain failure. All in all, it is a pattern that makes others envy.

2. Thin fate line

The word “thin” means “easy to break up” and “thin and weak”. These kinds of people lack self-confidence. However, please not be too pessimistic. Although the fate line may be thin, it will become thicker and longer if the owner makes his or her effort.

The thin fate line represents instability, impatience. If the owner wants to improve that situation, they should make a reflection on this point. If one does not have the target, they will have nothing to be insisted on. Therefore, they should begin from his or her ambition. After that, they should go ahead step by step. Once they have a practical mind and have self-confidence, they can cope with anything. The fate line will become thick after that.

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