What does the Fate Line that is cut by Other Lines mean?

Fate line that is cut by other lines.
Fate line that is cut by other lines.

It just refers to “the fate line that runs to the end”. However, it is not a bad omen. It is only said that fate extends here. Other things depend on the effort of the owner.

1. Fate line that is cut by the heart line

It belongs to the type that is easy to be moved. It is just because of that. An owner is a good person. He or she is kindhearted and gentle. The people who like this are surely welcomed by others. If he or she wants to be more successful, he or she should use the strong will to implement his or her own objective. He or she should not blindly emotional.

2. Fate line that is cut by the headline

The owner will succeed in the limited area. However, he or she will be puzzled and distressed afterward. The owner does not know which direction he or she should take. It does not relate to the ability. It is more related to the fact that the owner cannot firmly make the decision.

Many are puzzled by modern society. They dare not make the decision easily. However, they should not stand idly by and do not do anything. It is best to gather the information and analyze the trend of society to avoid heading in the wrong direction.

3. Fate line that has not met other lines and stops by itself

It represents that fate has just started. It is the line that has hope and possibility. However, if the living does not change and still likes that of the past, he or she will have no success in the whole life.

It is best to make a turn and challenge the new thing. Or they should not give up after opening a project. They should stick to their post and work for ten years.

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