The Length of the Fate Line shows the Strength of Luck

A Longer fate line means more strength.

As stated in the front post, the fate line will change according to the degree of the satisfaction of oneself. However, the thick and long fate line, apart from representing that the owner is satisfied with his or her own life, represents that the content of the life is worth of satisfaction. At least, the owners themselves feel that they have good luck. This kind of undoubtful faith can make fate better at large.

1. Fate line that extends straightly to the zone under the middle finger

It is namely said to be the “emperor’s appearance”. This line is appeared to be the line craved by the razor. There is no curve and does not like a snake. It points straight to the middle finger. As it is the rare appearance of one man from ten- thousand man, it has the quality of managing the whole world. However, it is not enough to just have this line. If adding the sun line that represents the status, reputation, and fame, it is sure to be the appearance of managing the world. Moreover, the lifeline is thick and long. The headline is also good. This is really the “emperor’s appearance” that has no mistake.

However, if there are some mistakes, it will comparatively have the taste of the human. It will be more suitable. Apart from that, the “emperor’s appearance” is more suitable for a male. For the female who has this appearance, the male will not dare to approach her.

2. Fate line that extends clearly and stops at the headline

It does not represent that wisdom has interrupted fate. If the extending line of the fate line points to the direction of the index finger, it represents that the luck of these people is still very vigorous. He or she is very tough and stubborn. They belong to the type of aggressive action. Although they cannot be leaders, they give others the impression of having the abilities. This kind of people may not be able to manage the world. They still win the game.

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