What are the Characteristics of the Long Heart Line?

The long heart line belongs to the enthusiastic type.

The long heart line belongs to the enthusiastic type. However, the different directions the line extends will generate subtle changes.

1. Heart line that curves and extends to the direction of the fingers

The love affairs are profound and exquisite. The male tends to be the type of priest. The female will give people a sense of gentile love of a mother. However, this kind of people tends to be indulged in love affairs. It is best to use intellectuality to make up for the shortcoming.

2. Heart line that extends straightly to the upper side of the headline

It is the heart line that flies at the bottom of the sky. It represents that the owner is stubborn. He or she is easy to the dead-end of the emotion, namely, jealous situation. On the good side, this kind of people is simple and true. They are dedicated to loving. If we do not lend the help of reason, it is possible for them to become the captive of love and lose their own self.

3. Heart line that rises slowly

It is the idealistic heart line. This kind of people has love affairs that are full of justice and equality. Therefore, they are the type that is welcomed by the public. They are serious, grounded. They pay full attention to everything. They are full of honesty.

Generally speaking, the long heart line represents excessive love affairs and emotion. If we want to know how to use it, we should lend the message that the front end of the line to determine it.

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