What is the Meaning of the Length of the Heart Line?

Different kinds of the length of the heart line have different meanings.
Different kinds of the length of the heat line have different meanings.

When looking at the length of the heart line, the most difficult part is to find its standard length. Overall, those lines extending to the location near the area between the index finger and the middle finger are the standard length of the heart line.

1. Long heart line

It represents strong sensitivity. What is clearer is that the owner is very passionate. However, if it is over the standard, the owner will become reckless. This kind of person has a strong belief in everything. Therefore, when he or she runs into the world of religion, they will become the type of dogmatism.

2. Short heart line

The owner will not be moved by the emotion. He or she is calm. This kind of person is not the idealistic type. He or she hates to get deep into human relationships. He or she is not good at expressing the internal world of the heart. It is because they are not passionate. Therefore, they can use the objective view to observe the world. They seldom lose deeply.

3. Standard heart line

The type that can maintain the balance in the emotion. This kind of person has a moderate degree of happiness, anger, sorrow, and pleasure. They have a moderate degree of sense of happiness. They love coordination. They value human relationships. Their attitude towards others is not apparent. Even though they hate others, they will get along with them properly.

During the observation, we cannot just check the heart line. We should make judgments along with the head line. Apart from that, we should also refer to the length of the heat line, the amplitude of the heart line, and the direction and the quantities of the branches.

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