What is the meaning of the Long Sun Line and Short Sun Line?

Basically, the long, thick, and clear sun line that does not have the interrupting line is a good omen. If the palm wholly does not have the thin lines and the sun line is clear, it is a good omen.

1. Long sun line

If it is like this kind of line that is beautiful and clear, it is rare. It is an extremely good omen. The owner will get 99% of the success in a certain field.

2. General sun line

Many people will have this kind of line. From the perspective of luck, it represents the future is bright or has hope. If we encounter our life with a positive attitude, it will be right for this line to extend further. Apart from that, besides the long sun line, it should be a short secondary line. All in all, we can explain it for two times of luck. Or apart from the main career, the secondary career can create the result.

3. Several Short Sun line

We should be alert if there are several short sun lines in our palms. It represents that luck is easy to scatter. With this kind of palm pattern, the owner often can do anything. They are very agile. However, their luck is worse. Although they get the money, they cannot save the money because they spend too much. If the fate line or the heart line is quite thick and idealistic, they can get some compensation of a certain magnitude.

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