What is the Meaning of the Relationship Line?

Now, we introduce some lines that represent getting help from others and getting popularity from others.

  1. Two or Three Branches that start from the heart line and extend to the Mercury Mount

People having this line is humorous, intelligent, and welcomed by others.

The mercury mount represents the good performance in the ability of language and wisdom. And the heart line entering this mount represents this layer has a stronger meaning. For the perspective of astrology, it is similar to the character of Gemini.

2. One to three short lines appear in the Moon Mount

Although this line has not extended to the Sun mount, it also represents the luck of the relationship. Among the people I met, those who have this line will get help from others. The moon mount represents assistance and help. If there are some lines, the meaning that it has will be more important. Apart from that, those who have this line especially hate strife. They especially value peace.

3. A line that has personality

In character, the owner has different personalities. They will normally have this line. They belong to independent people who have the real self and the belief in egoism. It is because they have originality. They are quite welcomed by others. It is better for people who have this line to have a long heart line. From the perspective of others, they reveal indifference. It is better for their actions should be more cautious and not be frivolous.

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