Checking the Luck of Fortune from the Mercury Mount

The line of fortune represents that is on the mercury mount, and the best omen is:

  1. The line that starts from the heart line and extends to the little finger

The sun line also represents the luck of fortune. However, what it represents is fame, social status, and honor. And the line appearing on the mercury mount states the actual money, land, building, etc. The so-called billionaire often has this palm pattern.

2. The curved line and the discontinuous line

This kind of palm pattern represents that there is a certain level of money in the account. However, they will the tendency of wasting their money, such as spending their money at another moment, having unexpected costs, and wasting the money. Therefore, they should pay more attention to that.

People with this kind of palm pattern should draw up a planning proposal. Otherwise, when they need to spend a large sum of money, they will be unable to make ends meet.

3. Long health line

At first glance, the line of fortune is similar to the health line. However, when we check them in detail, there is a difference. The health line is the long line that starts from the center of the palm and extends to the mercury mount. Among that, the line of fortune of some people will merge with the health line. This kind of person is very lucky. It is because luck is just like the line. Namely, they do not only have good health. Their luck of fortune is very good.

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