What is the Palm Pattern that has the Fortune look like?

We have discussed the basic palm pattern that has the fortune in the past chapter. Among that, if the fate line and the sun line show good omen, fortune will follow with them. These kinds of people will have the fortune by working hard and making effort, or the recommendation of the authority.

  1. The line that starts from the fate line and extends to the Mercury mount

The fate line shows the basic state of the luck of the owner. The money line starting from that line suggests the owner can get a fortune by working hard and making effort. Apart from that, the good deed that is to the doer’s credit in neither world from the ancestor cannot be neglected.

   Using the fleeting law that is stated in the past chapter calculates the meeting

   point of the two lines. Then, the timing of the coming of fortune can be largely


2. The money line that starts from the sun line

This kind of palm pattern implies that the owner has a double fortune. It has a very high hit rate. People who have this palm line will have tangible wealth.

This kind of palm pattern is rare. It is a good omen of the luck of fortune. The owner can earn a large sum of money. However, if someone who has this line does nothing to relaxing mood, it will disappear after a period of time. And the fortune will disappear. People who have this line should be as same as normal people. They should make the effort step by step. It is because success is not reliable if the owner does not have the actual strength.

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