Late Marriage is related to the Mood

Bad luck in marriage

Some people will always say that they have bad luck in marriage. Some people will pretend to not care about everything but be distressed in private.

In fact, people who have bad love affairs or often fall in love themselves are totally affected by their own moods. This kind of person should be determined to make changes. Although the statement beforehand is true, if the change is too dramatic, it will make the surrounding people surprised. Instead, it will leave a bad image on other people. It is best to change step by step and gradually.

  1. Marriage line that is on and off

The marriage line is composed of vertical and small horizontal lines. It looks like a lattice. Although this kind of person is concerned about and interested in the opposite sex, they are not dared to enter into the world of the opposite sex. Firstly, they must slowly break free from their protective shell of themselves.

When the object of unrequited love discovers this kind of change, that is right that they should have a sensitive response.

2. Weak marriage line

Many people have a weak or disrupted marriage line. If one does not have a little desire for marriage, this kind of palm pattern will happen.

For people who have the marriage line of item 1 or 2, if they want to change their mind, the marriage line will become apparent and clear. They will not have any trouble. The colloquialism said that “Easier said than done”. If only they change their mind, the past crisis or the single thinking always will easily disappear. And the marriage will smile at you.

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