Unlucky Marriage Line?

In our long life, we will meet any kinds of accidents. And divorce is one of them.

Firstly, I hope you will not think that having this kind of palm pattern should have the fate of divorce. A family often have problem with the financial situation, in-law relationship, child problem, and etc. Maintaining a family is really a big event in our life. If you have the following palm pattern, you should stare at it as a test from the heaven of your ability to build a happy family. Therefore, it not only has a negative meaning but also the positive one from another side.

  1. Parallel marriage line

If the two lines that are equal in length are parallel, it represents two different meanings. One means the owners will have two chances of marriage in their life. Another one means the lucky line. It can make the meaning of marriage increase twice.

The object of the former of meaning the re-marriage is not fixed to the other people. It can mean the couple apart from each other has come together once again. From that perspective, the couple, maybe, has a luckier marriage because of the keener connection with each other.

2. Marriage line that has the island

As the graph shows, generally having the island and extending downwards should be a bad omen in the palm pattern. It represents that the feeling of love of the couple has been cooled down. It is impossible for them to repair the relationships. However, during the period of moodiness, if the mind is still alive, this marriage can still be restored after the period of cooling down and listening to the advice of the surrounding people.

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