The Barrier Line is the Omen of the Love Disillusionment

As stated beforehand, the fate line will greatly impact marriage and love affairs.

We could say whether all the crossing line and the parallel line for the fate line is related to marriage and love affairs. In the following paragraph, we can take the fate line as the focal point to judge the situation of the marriage and love affairs.

  1. Fate line that is broken in the midway

The straight fate line that reached the center of the palm and broke near it has gone upwards again. It represents that the owner will have some changes in their life. At this moment, if the marriage line is clear and deep, it means that the owner will get married soon.

However, this line is the fate line. Therefore, what it represents is not only related to marriage. For example, changing the job, the luck or unluck of relatives, and giving birth to a baby. All these big issues in life will show on this line.

2. Fate line that is crossed by the influence line

Its result will not be good. It represents that the owner will be abandoned by the lover. His or her love life will stop. At this moment, the line that has the same meaning as this influence line should happen on the marriage line.

3. Barrier line that comes across the influence line

As the above graph illustrates, the influence line that extends from the moon mount represents the support of the surrounding people. And the barrier line cruelty comes across this line. People with this kind of palm pattern should have the viewpoint of the third person to prevent a messy situation when the event happens.

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