The Line shows that you are Healthy

  1. Double Life Line

This kind of palm pattern represents the richness of spirit and physical strength. If Venus seems to be protruded, it denotes that the owner has substantial vitality.

This kind of person has resilience. Therefore, if the owner is sick, they need not be worried. It is not only that situation. They are full of vitality. They have good luck. And their sexual ability is strong.

However, this kind of person can easily be too confident in their own physical strength. It is unavoidable that they are drinking too much. They will play all night. Or they will work too hard. They should pay attention to this point. Although their physical strength is good, and they have vitality, our human is, after all, composed of flesh. They should avoid some “too exciting” activities.

2. Thick, long, and the ideally curved life line

If the life line looks like to be clear, and thick and extends extensively, it represents that the owner is healthy.

In fact, people in modern times are semi-healthy. People who have a thick and deep life line are full of life energy. Therefore, their vitality is strong. They are patient and have perseverance. People who excel in physical activities will have this kind of palm pattern.

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