Over-Confidence will hurt our Body

Self-confidence is based on strength. And the strength comes from full physical strength and energy. Whether it is our job, our academic work, or our love affairs, the worst taboo is overconfidence. When thoughtful person is in high spirits, they sometimes fall into unexpected traps.

The theory of health is also the same. The island illustrated here is the same as the island illustrated beforehand. They also represent bad omen.

  1. An island that appears on the heartline

Is the recent eating habit incorrect? The owners may only choose the food they like. They may always have dinner outside their home. They may eat at the irregular hour. All lead to the phenomena of excessive salt intake and nutrition imbalance. All will hurt the eyes. This tendency will be available when the island appears on the heart line under the ring finger.

   The watery eyes of the young lady look beautiful. However, if the owner is on a diet and bypasses breakfast, the result is harming the eyes. This situation is totally not worth the loss.

2. An island that appears on the headline

The way of releasing the pressure is the tip of keeping healthy. When having this island, represents the increase of neurogenic gastritis and diarrhea symptoms.

3. An island that appears on the lifeline

It represents the loss of self-confidence. Only if the owner pays attention to daily life, the energy will naturally recover. However, if you are too anxious to do anything, you will get twice the result with half the effort. You should be a little bit careful.

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