The Palm Pattern shows the Problems of the Liver and the Kidney

Both diseases of the liver and the kidney also are representative diseases that are difficult to recover from when the owner suffers from them.  Among that, we cannot find an effective treatment method for the disease of the liver until now. Taking a rest is the only effective “treatment”. Therefore, early discovery is very important. Why not use palmistry to check whether you have this characteristic.

  1. The snake-like line represents that the owner is slightly tired

If this kind of palm pattern happens in the palm, it is best to take rest for a week to check whether it is better or not. Moreover, the owner should not drink too much. And drinking for social activities should also be controlled. The slower meandering line represents the function of the liver, and the kidney is weaker.

The disease that is just like a liver disease does not have the apparent symptom. If we wait for the appearance of the symptom, it is already too late. Therefore, we should not neglect the alerting sign in the palm.

2. The apparent curved lines

Although this kind of palm pattern is rare, it is highly possible that the owner has suffered from a chronic disease when it appears. It is best for the owner to take a trip to the hospital to have a check.

If the palm has these kinds of palm patterns and the color of the skin is yellow, it represents the tendency of liver disease. If the upper eyelid looks puffy, it may be a problem with the kidney. Whatever the possible disease is, we should change our daily habits when the palm has these kinds of signs.

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