Health Line will also affect the Luck

The health line is ever-changing. There is no line that can have the changing speed as that of the health line. When our liver, kidney, or heart has an abnormal situation, the message will be immediately printed on our palm. The doctor judges our health with the color of the face and the skin’s luster. And in palmistry, the hand is used to make the diagnosis.

Other benefits of medical palmistry are to predict disease, stroke, and accidents in the future. All these diseases are diseases that modern medical skills cannot discern. Apart from that, palmistry does also have one advantage. It can see through the emotional problems that are not shown on the body. In other words, if we study the degree of disorder of the heart line and the frenzy of the fate line, we can check the reason for the madness of our heart’s internal world. This is namely what we call emotional problems.

The result of continuously accumulating stressful pressure will cause a fatigue backlog. This kind of phenomenon will not only diminish gastrointestinal function but also will cause mental illness. When you are apathetic, your drive will naturally diminish. And your mind will go to the negative states. As a result, the luck will diminish too. We often neglect the happening of the health line. It is wrongdoing. The health line does greatly affect the individual. When you check the palm, please pay more attention to that.

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