We should pay attention to the Acute Illness

Any kind of disease is the result of certain factors. Therefore, the earlier we discover the disease, the better the result is for us. However, it is not every disease that will be like this. It is especially the situation of acute illness that is hard for us to combat. If we cultivate the habit of checking the palm every day, it can at least prevent us from suffering from heavy disease.

If the beginning of the lifeline, namely the surrounding area of the Girdle of Venus, has the palm pattern illustrated in the above picture, it represents that you will suffer from an acute illness or have some unhappy events. Apart from that, if this kind of line is clear and deep, it predicts that you will suffer from severe illness. Therefore, you should carefully take care of it.

If you have a disease that is not very serious but last for a long time, you also will have this kind of palm pattern. Therefore, you sometimes do not have a few subjective symptoms, but you suddenly suffer from the disease.

The lines that pass the lifeline are numerous. We call it the “barrier line”. It mainly tells us the mind of the owner does not coordinate with their body. However, I have told you many times that the happening of this kind of line does not represent a disaster. It is just a warning.

If one makes an effort to keep their well-being, the probability of suffering from the disease is still very low.

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