Palm Pattern shows that the Owner has Bad Luck in Old Age

If all three lines including the headline, lifeline, and heart line are apparent, and the fate line and the sun line that represents the financial power are very apparent, it can predict that the owner is extremely rich in their whole life. They live extravagant life.

However, if there are small and especially bad lines on the top of the heart line, the owner will have bad luck in old age. This situation is especially apparent when a cross or an island is shown in picture A on the palm. Although they will have a wealthy lifestyle before 50 years old, they will have unexpected changes in old age along with the increasing age. And their luck will change from a good state to a bad one.

If there are many small lines that have the meaning of the interference lines at the base of the finger, it represents that the owner will have bad luck in old age.

If there is an island in the fate line shown in picture A, it represents that the human relationship of the owner is bad in old age. They will have financial problems. Line B represents that the owner will have a great financial loss in old age.

Line C is a marriage line. If there is an island after the marriage line drops and the marriage line extends to the internal area of the lifeline, the owner will have bad luck in marriage in old age. The reason for the failed marriage is greatly related to financial loss and bad luck. Anyway, it is a fact that the owner will be left alone and not cared for.

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