Palm Pattern that the Owner has Success after Mid-Age

If the fate line is like that shown in picture A and it is apparent when crossing with and on the top of the headline, the fate of the owner will have the trend of turning better after mid-age. If the section under the headline is not apparent, it represents when the owner is young or before 30 years old, he or she is poor. Maybe, they have the abilities, but they cannot show them.

If the lifeline is messy and the state of the headline is different from other lines, the owner’s health will be bad. Therefore, they will not be able to unleash their strengths. They will lack certain targets. They cannot always find their favorite jobs. As their fate is smooth, they will be careless. They will not make effort and waste their time.

However, if the state is like that shown in picture B, a line starts from the lifeline and extends to the Jupiter mount. A forceful and upward line has appeared. They will get luck after mid-age. Only they make more effort before 30 years old, they can enjoy the fruit of their action. They will become the management grade personnel in their job.

If there is a sunline that is like that shown in picture C, they will be rich after mid-age. They lack nothing at the material level.

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