Palm Pattern shows that the Owner has Unexpected Luck after Marriage

If the starting points of the headline and the lifeline overlap, the marriage of the owner will be very good, especially if the marriage line that is shown in line B in the picture is long and intersect with the sunline, the life of the owner before the marriage and that of after marriage will be very different.

The owner will be very poor in childhood. However, if the owner is female, she will marry a rich man after growing up. Or she has the luck of helping her husband. It makes the career of her husband much better. The life of the owner is like that of Cinderella.

If there is a star C or D in the palm, the owner will also have a good marriage. If they appear in the Jupiter mount (C), the owner will get fame and status. They will have good luck. They are adored by the boss and have career success. They will get high status in society.

When there is a star sign in the moon mount (under the little finger), they will get support from powerful people when traveling or in human relationships. Therefore, they should expand their social circle or travel at this moment.

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