Palm Pattern that the Owner has Bad Luck in the Early Years and finally has the Success

As mentioned beforehand, if the lifeline and the headline are overlapping and the related lines are thick and clear, it represents that the owner is mostly introverted, gentle, and empathetic. It is the common type of people in oriental cities.

If the headline and the lifeline are like what is shown in the picture and its shape is like a chain and is messy, the owner has bad health in childhood. Their fate will start to change dramatically around 30 years old. If the palm pattern belongs to this type, their observation power and imagination power are strong. They have wisdom and easily adapt to the environment. No matter whether their seniority or posterity will depend on them.

For this kind of palm pattern, if there is a branch in the fate line, it represents that the fate of the owner will change. Their fate for the early years and the later years will be different. Moreover, the owner works hard.

For line C in the graph, if the headline does not have the phenomena of bending or interrupting, and the palm line is apparent, it represents that the owner has a fighting spirit. They have strong willpower. They never give up and break free from difficulties. They will struggle with bad luck till the end. Finally, they will get successful. It is especially after they get the certification, they will unleash their ability.

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