Palm Pattern that shows the owner is Underappreciated

The picture shows two headlines A and B in the palm. It is a rare palm pattern. People with this palm pattern have an apparent identity and have multi-interests. They are good at different kinds of work. Apart from the original work, they have the opportunity of making money with a part-time job.

However, they can hold their job for around three years. The occupation they work in the early years will have less probability of being their permanent job after their 50 years old. One man performs several roles. In that way, they can unleash their potential. Their character is suitable for giving services in various industries. If they have no work, their spirit will be at a low level. They will be in a depressed mood.

For all people with this kind of palm pattern and their fate line are just like that of picture C – there is an interruption in the line. It represents that their relationships with others are not good. Although they have talents, they are not easy to be the friends with other people. They cannot get along well with people who are different from them. It leads to the fact that they are betrayed by their relatives and friends. They are not successful in the end. Although they have extremely good ideas, they lack detailed plans and caring attitudes and will fail at last. They lack persistence and often have a passion for something for a short period of time. They only make effort in the beginning and lose their effort at last. Therefore, they will be seldom successful. They belong to the type of bad luck. They should face their strengths and take careful action. Then they will have the chance of success.

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