Palm Pattern that the Owner is a Good Husband, Father, and a Standard Family Head

For this palm pattern, the owner should have a clear fate line and a deep and straight headline. If the heart line has three branches (A, the kind of palm pattern in palmistry is called “trident”). This kind of person values the family and is responsible. He can actually be accountable and is a good husband and good father.

Moreover, he is broad-minded. He is good at handling people. When there are slight twists and turns at home, they are quickly dealt with. Men with thick and fleshy index fingers and long thumbs are more trustworthy. They can become the pillar of the family, and children also respect and love them.

If the base of the index finger has a star sign or cross sign, just like that of picture B, the owner will be successful at a later date. If there is a temple sign(C) that is stated in Indian palmistry, the owner should be able to build up a lucky and comfortable home. The so-called temple sign is the square surrounded by the sun line, the headline, and the fate line. It is like a house.

For ancient palmistry, if there is a circle in the palm, we can make the prediction from this imagination. Therefore, we can make the judgment that if there is a house in the palm, the owner can build up a good family. We have found a lot of examples that have family luck. Their family head has this kind of palm pattern.

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